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There are 20+ RO Membrane brands in India. In this article, we discussed the list of top brands, their specifications, prices, and the nearest suppliers.

Reverse Osmosis membranes are widely used for drinking water purposes in domestic, commercial, and industrial segments.

After reading this article, you’ll know the following.

8040 RO Membrane

8040 is a widely used model in the Reverse Osmosis water purification segment. Most of the commercial and industrial water treatment plant suppliers prefer the 8040 model rather than the 4040.

In the below section, we have provided the list of top brands providing 8040 model reverse osmosis membranes. We have also provided the specifications and the prices.

1. Hydranautics 8040 RO Membrane

Hydranautics membranes are one of the premium quality products in this segment. These are widely used for industrial and desalination purposes.

Nitto Denko is a Japan-based company that manufactures Hydranautics membranes.

Hydranautics has 14 models in 8040 sizes. The following table gives you the model-wise prices.

ModelRejection %Price
Hydranautics 8040 CPA 2
CPA (Composite Polyamide)
99.7%Rs. 38500/-
Hydranautics 8040 CPA 399.7%Rs. 41000/-
Hydranautics 8040 CPA 5 LD99.7%Rs. 42500/-
Hydranautics 8040 ESPA 199.3%Rs. 42500/-
Hydranautics 8040 ESPA 2 Max99.6%Rs. 42500/-
Hydranautics 8040 ESPA2-LD99.6%Rs. 42500/-
Hydranautics 8040 ESPA499.2%Rs. 42500/-
Hydranautics 8040 ESPAB Max99.6%Rs. 42500/-
Hydranautics 8040 SWC4+
(SWC: Sea Water Composite)
99.8%Rs. 46500/-
Hydranautics 8040 SWC599.8%Rs. 47200/-
Hydranautics 8040 SWC5 Max99.8%Rs. 47800/-
Hydranautics 8040 SWC5-LD99.8%Rs. 47500/-
Hydranautics 8040 SWC6 Max99.8%Rs. 48000/-
Hydranautics 8040 LFC3-LD99.7%Rs. 45800/-

Note: All the above prices are approximate only, contact our executives for the latest prices of Hydranautics 8040 membranes.

2. Toray 8040 RO Membranes

TORAY RO Membranes are available in 4-inch, 8-inch, and 16-inch diameters. Toray is one of the prominent brands when it comes to reverse osmosis water treatment.

Toray membranes are widely used for treating brackish and seawater.

The following table gives you the technical & price information of Toray 8040 Membranes.

Toray Membranes Suitable for Brackish Water Treatment

ModelSizeRejection %Price (Approx)
TM 720D-400
(High Rejection)
804099.8%Rs. 38500/-
TM 720D-440
(High Rejection)
804099.8%Rs. 39000/-
TM G20D-400
(Low Pressure)
804099.7%Rs. 38000/-
TG 20D-440
(Low Pressure)
804099.7%Rs. 38000/-
TM H20A-400C
(Ultra-Low Pressure)
804099.3%Rs. 37800/-
TM H20A-440C
(Ultra-Low Pressure)
804099.3%Rs. 37800/-
TBW 440 HR
(Ultra Low Pressure)
(High Rejection)
804099.8%Rs. 41800/-
SU 720 TS
(Heat Sanitized)
804099.4%Rs. 39500/-
(Heat Sanitized)
804099.5%Rs. 40500/-
(Heat Sanitized)
804099.5%Rs. 40800/-

Toray Membranes Suitable for Sea Water Treatment

TM Series from Toray is used for treating seawater. The following are the 8040 Toray models used for seawater treatment.

ModelSizeRejection %Price
TM 820M 400
(Standard Model)
804099.8%Rs. 42000/-
TM 820M 440
(Standard Model)
804099.8%Rs. 42500/-
TM 820V 400
(Low Energy)
804099.8%Rs. 42000/-
TM 820V440
(Low Energy)
804099.8%Rs. 42500/-
TSW 400 LE
(Super Low Energy)
804099.6%Rs. 40500/-
(Super Low Energy)
804099.6%Rs. 40500/-
(Highest Rejection)
804099.86%Rs. 45000/-
(Highest Rejection)
804099.86%Rs. 46000/-

Toray Membranes Suitable for Treating Fouling Potential Water

The following series of membranes are used in the treatment of fouling potential water.

ModelSizeRejection %Price (Approx)
(Ultra Low Pressure & Low Fouling)
804099.5%Rs. 48000/-
TML 20D 400
(High Tolerance & Low Fouling)
804099.8%Rs. 49500/-

3. Filmtec 8040 RO Membranes

Filmtec is also the top priority when it comes to Reverse Osmosis Purification.

Filmtec membranes are manufactured by the US-based company Dupont Water Solutions. Dupont is formerly known as DOW FilmTec RO Membranes.

In this section, we will discuss the models and prices of Filmtec membranes.

ModelSizeRejection %Price (Approx)
BW30-400/34804099.5%Rs. 39500/-
BW30-400/34i804099.5%Rs. 39500/-
BW30HR-440i804099.7%Rs. 41500/-
Eco Pro-440804099.7%Rs. 41500/-
Eco Pro-440i804099.7%Rs. 41500/-
HSRO-390-FF804099.5%Rs. 40000/-
(Production Stopped)
804099.7%Rs. 41000/-

4. GE SUEZ 8040 RO Membrane

GE membranes are now SUEZ Membranes. These are designed to treat brackish & seawater.

SUEZ membranes are coming up with the highest rejection rate of about 99.8%.

The following table gives you the technical specifications of SUEZ membranes designed for Brackish Water Treatment.

ModelTypical RejectionPrice
AG-400 H
(Highest rejection of salts)
99.8Rs. 38000/-
AG-440 H
(Highest rejection of salts)
99.8Rs. 38000/-
AK-400 H
(Low energy consumption)
99.65Rs. 36500/-
AK-440 H
(Low energy consumption)
99.65Rs. 36500/-
AG-400 LE H
(Low energy consumption)
99.5Rs. 36000/-
AG-440 LE H
(Low energy consumption)
99.5Rs. 36000/-
AG-400 FR H
(Fouling resistance to challenging feed water)
99.8Rs. 38000/-

5. Hydramem 8040 RO Membrane

Hydramem RO Membranes are manufactured by Ion Exchange (India) Limited. The company was located at Ion House, Dr. E. Moses Road,
Mumbai – 400 011, India.

Hydramem membranes are designed to treat Brackish Water & Seawater. These are widely used for drinking water and industrial water treatment purposes.

Low-Pressure Membrane Elements

Low-Pressure Hydramem RO Membranes are used for Domestic, Institutional, and Industrial water treatment purposes.

The following are the different models from Hydramem.

ApplicationModelRejection %Price
DomesticHM 1810 LPE 6095%Rs. 27500/-
DomesticHM 1812 LPE 8095%Rs. 28000/-
DomesticHM 1812 LPE 10095%Rs. 28000/-
InstitutionalHM 2540 LPE98%Rs. 29000/-
InstitutionalHM 4014 LPE98%Rs. 29000/-
InstitutionalHM 4021 LPE98%Rs. 29000/-
InstitutionalHM 4040 LPE99.3%Rs. 30500/-
IndustrialHM 8040 LPE99.3%Rs. 31000/-

Brackish Water Membrane Elements

Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Elements from Hydramem give a very good rejection rate with an optimum permeate flow.

These membranes can be used for various applications like domestic, institutional, and industrial.

The following are the Brackish water RO Membrane models from Hydramem.

ApplicationModelRejection %Price
DomesticHM 1812 BWE 5095%Rs. 28500/-
InstitutionalHM 2540 BWE98%Rs. 29000/-
InstitutionalHM 4040 BWE99.5%Rs. 32000/-
Institutional4040 BWE MAX99.5%Rs. 32000/-
Institutional4040 BWE RW99.5%Rs. 32500/-
IndustrialHM 8040 BWE 36599.6%Rs. 33000/-
IndustrialHM 8040 BWE 40099.6%Rs. 33500/-
IndustrialHM 8040 BWE HF 40099.6%Rs. 33500/-

Seawater Reverse Membrane Elements

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Elements from Hydramem is used for desalination purposes.

Seawater RO membranes from Hydramem have a high rejection rate of 99.7% with a flow rate of 1890 liters per hour.

ION Exchange has released only two models in this segment

  1. HM 4040 SWE
  2. HM 8040 SWE 400

The technical specifications and price has been tabulated below.

ModelRejection %Price
HM 4040 SWE99.7%Rs. 35000/-
HM 8040 SWE 40099.7%Rs. 36000/-

RO Membrane for Water Purifiers

In this section, we will be discussing the best RO Membranes for domestic water purifiers.

We have also provided the specifications, prices, and purchase links of the product.

KENT RO Membrane Price

KENT is one of the most prominent and preferable brands when it comes to domestic water purifiers.

But the sad part is its maintenance cost. The average maintenance cost of the KENT RO water purifier is about Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 7000/- per year.

The major part of the service cost goes to its membrane. Now, in this section, we will be discussing the models, specifications, and prices of the KENT RO Membrane.

KENT RO Membrane In Welded Housing 8″Rs. 2750/-Buy Here
KENT Mineral RO Membrane 12″ Inch in Welded HousingRs. 2750/-Buy Here

Livpure RO Membrane

The price of the Livpure RO Membrane is around Rs. 2599/- including GST & Delivery.

This model Reverse Osmosis membrane is suitable for all types of Livpure RO Water Purifiers.

Livpure RO Membrane Price


  • Reduces TDS up to 95%
  • Suitable for Borewell & Municipal Water
  • Works for TDS water up to 2000 ppm
  • Suitable for all types of RO Water Purifiers

FAQ on RO Membrane

Q1: What is the price of an 8040 RO Membrane?

Ans: It actually depends on the brand and the model. Medium-level brands have a price range of Rs. 28000/- to Rs. 34000/- when it comes to top brands, the price range is between Rs. 38000/- to Rs. 50000/- including GST.

Q2: What is the price of the Filmtec RO Membrane?

Ans: There are some duplicate Filmtec membranes circulating in the market. Coming to the original Filmtec model, the retail price starts from Rs. 39000/- including GST. The basic model has a rejection rate of 99.5%.

Q3: Which membrane is suitable for 1000 ppm TDS?

Ans: Definitely Reverse Osmosis is the only way to treat 1000 ppm TDS water. The medium-level brands like SUEZ, LG, EG SOFT, and L-Series work pretty well for treating 1000 ppm water.

Q4: Are there any Wholesale Suppliers of RO Membranes in Hyderabad?

Ans: There are more than 20 RO Membrane suppliers in the Hyderabad locality. Contact our support team to get the list of the nearest RO membrane suppliers.

Q5: How frequently we should change RO Membrane in Water Purifiers?

Ans: Depends, on whenever the membrane stops functioning. The usual membrane life span is 2-4 years depending on the TDS levels of the water.


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